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Damien "Dougie D" Oliver-Black


Damien ‘Dougie D’ Oliver-Black has played Drums and Percussion for over 15 years. He completed a Bachelor of Music in 2014, majoring in contemporary jazz and Latin performance. He currently plays in a large number of ensembles in Tasmania, with well over 400 professional gigs under his belt. As well as having an active performance career, he is currently the Head of Music for Claremont College, where he teaches Music, Music Technologies and Media Production. 


How did you get your nickname? One day when I was about 12 years old, my Dad started calling me ‘Doug’. What can I say……. The name stuck!!!

Star Sign? Taurus……. Raging Bull of the Band. Swing hard or go home.

Favourite TV Theme Song? I’m an early 90’s kid, so no surprises I can’t choose between ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and ‘Pokémon’. Thanks for those beautiful years ‘Cheese TV’.

Favourite Drink? Depends on time of day. I’m a coffee man in the morning, but love a good old ‘cold one’ on a summer afternoon for the weekend. For G rated options, can’t go past Vanilla Coke or Brown Creaming Soda.

Favourite song we play in Uncle Gus and The Rimshots? I wanna be like you. But I’d be lying if I said dark eyes doesn’t get the adrenalin rush on ;)

Favourite word? Grouse – Early 90’s all the way.

If you had a superpower what would it be? I just want to be a Super Saiyan. I also frequently have dreams about saving everyone and being an absolute hero. I obviously have some weird ego-complex.

Favourite thing about being in the band? Music is a language, and language is made through conversing. For me, this band is all about mateship and communicating together through our musical interactions. I still believe that when listening back to ‘the greats’, that the ‘vibe’ is actually their relationship, you can hear them having fun and interacting through musical conversation. That’s what this band is for me.

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