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Lessons and Services

Gus has a variety of services that he can offer you! These Services include:


Live Performances:


Over his years as a musician, Gus has developed a unique stage and musical presence, which has seen him perform among many groups. If you need a band for an event, get in touch with Gus about Uncle Gus, The Rimshots, and The Gus Leighton Quartet.


Gus's contacts and arranging skills also allow him to curate specific shows for your events or functions.


Gus also does regular session work and has the ability to record from his home studio. If you need a saxophonist for your next project (whether it be a live event or recording), Gus would love to hear from you! 


Saxophone and Music Theory Tuition:


Through many years of study, Gus has developed an extensive knowledge of the saxophone's role in various musical styles and gained a highly developed grasp of musical theory. Gus' lessons stress the importance of a solid technical and theoretical foundation while having fun focusing on the music you are most interested in.


Whether you are a beginning saxophonist or need help with an upcoming theory exam, Gus is sure to be able to help you out!


Composition and Arrangements:


Gus has been working hard for years to develop his artistic voice and how he can express this through his compositions and arrangements effectively.


Gus has arranged music for multiple ensembles, projects and events. Notably. Gus has been arranging the music performed by the bands at Festival of Voice's Big Sing Bonfire event since 2018.


While most of his compositions are featured in The Gus Leighton Quartet, a few can be heard in other projects.


If you would like to inquire about Gus's services as as composer or arranger, please feel free to get in touch.


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