Lessons and Services

Gus has a variety of services that he is able to offer you! these Services are:


Live Performances:


Over his years as a musician, Gus has developed a unique stage and musical presence which has seen him perform among many groups and alongside his friends in his own projects. If you need a band for an event get in touch with Gus about Uncle Gus and The Rimshots and The Gus Leighton Quartet, or if you need a saxophonist for your next project (whether it be a live event or recording) Gus would love to hear from you! Keep an eye on this space as well - more ensemble projects are to be announced soon


Saxophone and Music Theory Tuition:


Through many years of study, Gus has developed an extensive knowledge of the saxophone's role in a variety of musical styles and gained a highly developed grasp of musical theory. Gus' lessons stress the importance of a strong technical and theoretical foundation while having fun focusing on the music in which you are most interested. Whether you are a beginning saxophonist or needing help with an upcoming theory exam Gus is sure to be able to help you out!


Composition and Arrangements:


Gus has been working hard for years developing his musical language and expressing this language through his compositions and arrangements. Gus has arranged music for multiple ensembles and projects/events. Most of his compositions are featured in The Gus Leighton Quartet although a few can be heard in Gus' other projects. If you would like to inquire about Gus compositions or arrangements please feel free to get in touch.