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Saxophonist, Composer, Arranger, Educator

- The Casual Jazzer Discussing 'Mother's Tears' from the album Carrington

"What a sound! Absolutely in love with the tenor sound of saxophonist Gus Leighton. For me it's always about the sound. If your tone isn't on point I can't really get past it. Love this video and he sounds great. Definitely recommend showing his page some love if you love great saxophone playing!"

Emily L. Hired Gus to Perform as a DJ Sax Duo with Jordan Miller Through Oberon Lane 

 "...Gus was just fab and helped set the scene for the rest of our evening"

Bianca and Andrew Thorp hired Gus Leighton and Hugo Bladel to perform a DJ/Sax package at their wedding.

"...Gus was obviously a highlight; incredible sax skills and incredible aerobic capacity on the dancefloor..."

Mt. Hungry - Music News and Reviews

"Angus Leighton of Uncle Gus and The Rimshots. I can't froth about this band enough - and neither can the event managers. These guys are making huge strides in the local scene and I see the effect that it's having in a good handful of emerging groups. With undeniable stage presence and chops to back it up, Gus proves that jazz and blues musicians no longer need to perform with their backs to the audience - and he's helping break that stigma."

John Ross Christie

"If you love smooth, cool and sexy Jazz, you most defiantly cant go past The Gus Leighton Quartet from beautiful Hobart, Tasmania What a beautiful and amazing sound!!"
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